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 Hampsfarsa, mage apply

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PostSubject: Re: Hampsfarsa, mage apply   Fri 4 Sep - 17:50

Whisp me in game for an invite and get TS as soon as possible.
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PostSubject: Re: Hampsfarsa, mage apply   Fri 4 Sep - 16:31

if u will dl TS i vote for you
Also im not sure about mages but i think u need a bit more hit rating to maximize ur dps.
Hit rating is the main stat in WoW its better to take off like 30 or 50 spell dmg and put for it 50 hit rating.
Its like +100 dps
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PostSubject: Hampsfarsa, mage apply   Fri 4 Sep - 16:14

Character Name: Hampsfarsa




Spec: 10/0/41

Current Gear: Full t2 and some random epics

Current Stats: 16 hit rating, 30 spell penetration, 356 spell dmg, 12.34% crit, 6.7k mana

Do you know anyone in Insight ?: Yes bebis

What is your Pre-BC experience ?: On this server i have done whole bwl and mc and all those raids on this char and a paladin.

Insight raids at 8h30PM Paris time zone GMT+1 (it means +6 houres of the server houre), will you be able to attend our raids at this time ?: Yes

Do you have TeamSpeak and a mic ?: Not TS, but vent and a mic.

Insight is a progressing PvE guild, do you have the patience and understanding of endgame raiding ? This means can you handle wiping while we learn/ experience new encounters ?: Yes

Previous Guilds on q-gaming: Past redemption, Windwalkers, Field marshal

Is this character your main ?: Yes

Have you donated on this character ? If yes, which items ?: Full t2 ^

Anything else we should know ?: I will bring this guild to the top :pP
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PostSubject: Re: Hampsfarsa, mage apply   

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Hampsfarsa, mage apply
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