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 Application for Ishara

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Application for Ishara Empty
PostSubject: Application for Ishara   Application for Ishara EmptyWed 9 Sep - 21:04

My in game name is ishara or fearce or kiaura or zelpher I am 26 and live in the us. I listed all my chars cause i am not sure what classes your looking for. I would like to join on my rogue if i can but will come on hunter.
I have clleared through naxx on retail 1.12. My rogue Ishara was in In silience but i left the game for a while and have just came back last week.
My rogue and hunter are the best geared and i usually play one or the other I shara is the rogue and fearce is the hunter
My rogue has gm gear and the other pvp gear this
my hunter has 4 giantstalker 1 ds zinrok and drawf destroyer
my pally has 4 lawbringer rest blues
my warrior has bunch of random dps epics
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Application for Ishara
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