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 Vilttitossu - rogue, application

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Vilttitossu - rogue, application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Vilttitossu - rogue, application   Vilttitossu - rogue, application EmptyWed 9 Sep - 8:49

well nice starts at all i must say.
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Vilttitossu - rogue, application Empty
PostSubject: Vilttitossu - rogue, application   Vilttitossu - rogue, application EmptyMon 7 Sep - 21:39

Howdy! Smile

Character Name: Vilttitossu

Age: 20

Country: Finland Smile

Class: Rogue

Spec: Hemorrhage. atm 11/0/40

Current Gear: Gear is pretty much full epic, except for ranged weapon and one trinket. Full HWL set and few pieces of t2, also some random epix from zg/bwl/mc. =)

Current Stats: Hp:4813, Ap:1125, Hit Rating:90, Crit:29.89% and Dodge:27.30%. Also professions are enchanting/engineering :p

Do you know anyone in Insight ?: hmm, probably not, since I've been away for a while. and there's alot new faces around.

What is your Pre-BC experience ?: On retail, everything from Zg to Twins in AQ40, including outdoor bosses such as Emeriss etc.

Insight raids at 8h30PM Paris time zone GMT+1 (it means +6 houres of the server houre), will you be able to attend our raids at this time ?: Yup this should be no problem at all. Smile Alltough, sometimes my working days may stretch for quite long. In those occasions I wont probably make it for the raids. Other than that, it's fine.

Do you have TeamSpeak and a mic ?: Yes I have both, and I also know how to speak in the mic, aswell as know when to shut up. =)

Insight is a progressing PvE guild, do you have the patience and understanding of endgame raiding ? This means can you handle wiping while we learn/ experience new encounters ?: Certainly, this comes without a saying. Every guild has it's learning phases.

Previous Guilds on q-gaming: My own Pvp/friend guild, <Pretty In Purple>. And a raiding guild named <Unique> (back from the days, when the only serious raiding guild was Plan B.)

Is this character your main ?: Yes this is my main, I have few alts, with different professions trained on them, but they mainly exist only for mats farming for my mains profs.

Have you donated on this character ? If yes, which items ?: Nope, haven't donated Smile

Anything else we should know ?: Nothing too important I guess. Well, yeah, as I mentioned before. I've been away from the server a while. Mostly cos of the lack of serious pve guilds on the server. Even though I enjoy pvp very much, it gets boring after a while, when it is the only thing you can do. Smile Other than that, I'm a pretty nice fella =) I am mature and I try to be as pollite and friendly as possible. Well then, guess this closes my apply. :>

Cheers. -Viltti
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Vilttitossu - rogue, application
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