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 Mustamies-Enhancement shaman

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PostSubject: Re: Mustamies-Enhancement shaman   Mustamies-Enhancement shaman EmptySun 6 Sep - 23:20

Accepted, wisp me in game for an invite.
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PostSubject: Re: Mustamies-Enhancement shaman   Mustamies-Enhancement shaman EmptySun 6 Sep - 20:21

nice apply vote for you!
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PostSubject: Mustamies-Enhancement shaman   Mustamies-Enhancement shaman EmptySun 6 Sep - 20:16

Character Name: Mustamies

Age: 16

Country: Finland

Class: Shaman

Spec: Enhancement

Current Gear: 4/6 HWL, donated weapon, rest is badge shit except boots are from MC.

Current Stats: 658 AP, 20,59% crit, 17 hit rating

Do you know anyone in Insight ?: No, i dont know anyone from this guild, but i hope that i get change to get to know Insight guild members.

What is your Pre-BC experience ?: Not much i played couple weeks on retail before tbc camed. Played 3years on retail and since WOTLK camed i did get rly bored and camed to Q-gaming. I raided on TBC and WOTLK so i know something of raiding. Raided Naxxramas on Wotlk so should know something of it!

Insight raids at 8h30PM Paris time zone GMT+1 (it means +6 houres of the server houre), will you be able to attend our raids at this time ?: Yes, alteast on weekends thursday-sunday. Sometimes i can play on week too!

Do you have TeamSpeak and a mic ?: Yes ofcourse Smile Even though im not so great on speaking english, but everyone has realized that what i have ment.

Insight is a progressing PvE guild, do you have the patience and understanding of endgame raiding ? This means can you handle wiping while we learn/ experience new encounters ?: Ofc! If you leave on wipe then you should not play this game..

Previous Guilds on q-gaming: Was on this finnish chat guild called "Voi Vittu" which mean "Oh Fuck"

Is this character your main ?: Yes.

Have you donated on this character ? If yes, which items ?: Like i told mine weapon is donated. Nothing else. Actually i changed mine retail account to this weapon. Very Happy

Anything else we should know ?: Well im "normal" finnish boy which likes to play lot of games on computer. Especially WoW. I dosent have any hobbys so they dont take time of Rading Very Happy. Well nothing else is popping to my head right now!
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Mustamies-Enhancement shaman Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mustamies-Enhancement shaman   Mustamies-Enhancement shaman Empty

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Mustamies-Enhancement shaman
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