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 Kids - Hunter App

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Kids - Hunter App Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kids - Hunter App   Kids - Hunter App EmptySat 5 Sep - 18:57

-Accepted, whisp me ingame when I'll beconnected but download TeamSpeak 2 as soon as possible I will be very hard with that !
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Kids - Hunter App Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kids - Hunter App   Kids - Hunter App EmptySat 5 Sep - 15:14

gear isnt gr8 thts the thing only im worried but ur ap also looks nice vote for u!
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Kids - Hunter App Empty
PostSubject: Kids - Hunter App   Kids - Hunter App EmptySat 5 Sep - 15:09

Character Name: Kids

Age: 15 (16 in november Sad )

Country: United States

Class: Hunter

Spec: 5/43/3

Current Gear: 6/8 d1 Sad 1/8 t1 1/8 t2 and a nonstarter trinket

Current Stats: 907 ap unbuffed 16.01%crit, 1161 ap with self hunter buffs

Do you know anyone in Insight ?: I dont think i do, there might be a chance (some people may know me as Aggromonkey - Swiper monkey )

What is your Pre-BC experience ?: Ive done full mc (including rag), full bwl, full aq 20, full zg, done ony, no naxx, and up to visc in aq 40

Insight raids at 8h30PM Paris time zone GMT+1 (it means +6 houres of the server houre), will you be able to attend our raids at this time ?: Yeah, ill be at pretty much all the raids unless something happens to come up

Do you have TeamSpeak and a mic ?: Dont have teamspeak, have vent, but ill get teamspeak, and my mic broke so i have to go buy another one silent

Insight is a progressing PvE guild, do you have the patience and understanding of endgame raiding ? This means can you handle wiping while we learn/ experience new encounters ?: Yes, i went through all of this on my old char in in Silence

Previous Guilds on q-gaming: in Silence (on a different character), The Pew Pew Crew (lol), End Game (lol again) i pretty much lead those 2 even tho i was just an officer

Is this character your main ?: Yeah now it is, gave my other acc to my friend that came to this server ^^

Have you donated on this character ? If yes, which items ?: Nope, no donations

Anything else we should know ?: Hmm, i played a 6/8 t2 hunter on q-gaming (Shoturtoe) until i sold him because i got bored of hunters for a while, but the love is back lol!
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Kids - Hunter App Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kids - Hunter App   Kids - Hunter App Empty

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Kids - Hunter App
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