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Aldokar(Tank) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Aldokar(Tank)   Aldokar(Tank) EmptyFri 4 Sep - 21:02

-Accepted, but you have to download TS as soon as possible.
Whisp me IG.
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PostSubject: Aldokar(Tank)   Aldokar(Tank) EmptyFri 4 Sep - 21:00

Character Name: Aldokar

Age: 16

Country: Denmark

Class: Warrior

Spec: Prot 8/0/43

Current Gear: Full T1 + Thunderfury, and some random stuff

Current Stats:5733 Hp, 8009 Armor, 384 Defense rating, 95.00% block with shield block.

Do you know anyone in Insight ?: Nope

What is your Pre-BC experience ?:Lvl 60 fury warrior, AQ20, MC, Ony, ZG, BWL, Some AQ40

Insight raids at 8h30PM Paris time zone GMT+1 (it means +6 houres of the server houre), will you be able to attend our raids at this time ?: Yeah

Do you have TeamSpeak and a mic ?: I dont have either of em but i can download teamspeak

Insight is a progressing PvE guild, do you have the patience and understanding of endgame raiding ? This means can you handle wiping while we learn/ experience new encounters ?: Yeah i can.

Previous Guilds on q-gaming: End Game.

Is this character your main ?: Yes

Have you donated on this character ? If yes, which items ?: Thunderfury

Anything else we should know ?:Played a warrior from 60-80 thru pre-tbc - tbc - wotlk
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