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 Guild System

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PostSubject: Guild System   Guild System EmptyTue 18 Aug - 0:09

Follow our system and our Guild will rule.


- don't spam the game channels.
- don't spam the forum.
- don't spam TeamSpeak.
- don't use insults, don't blame, just be polite.
- don't answer to the blamers and the bad noobs.
- if you have a probleme in the Guild tell it to the guild master.
- don't be lazy.

About Raid Time:

- When this is Raid Time, you've to leave all your PuG raid, leave your battle grounds, leave all your activities and JOIN imediately the Guild Raid with your main.
- don't spam your raid maccro like Vaelstraz for example.
- 3-4 raids will be organised /week.
- If you can't join a raid a night, you are pleased to tell the guild master of your missing.
- When you have to go to vacations you are pleased to write how many time you'll be missing in your Guild note.

About items:

- You are pleased to need items main spec prio except if you want an item who neverbody needs.
- No DKP systems for those instances: ZG/AQ20/MC & the World Bosses.
- DKP system will be used for those instances:

- we hope you'll be mature.
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Guild System
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